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ann & scott// coeur d’alene wedding

We pulled over at a rest area somewhere in eastern Washington, windswept rolling hills and valleys just beyond our picnic table. This is what Idaho looked like in my head — big skies, snow-capped mountains, and maybe a potato or four. Idaho isn’t exactly what you think of if you’re looking for architectural lines, yet Ann and Scott somehow found a location that matched Ann’s Kennedy-esque dress.

You couldn’t find two classier folks and their wedding ended with more charm than we thought possible — with sparklers and a champagne infused boat trip across Lake Coeur d’Alene. Your wedding doesn’t need to end with a grand exit, but if it does, you might as well make it epic.


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Ann’s Dress : Vera Wang

Scott’s Suit : JCrew

Hair and Makeup : Cole Taylor Salon

Planner : Becky Johnson

Venue : Hagadone Event Center and Wedding Garden

Band : Eclectic Approach 

Flowers : Dalton Gardens and Blooms

Paper Goods : Hummingbird Messages



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