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karyn & chip// seattle elopement

chiploveskaryn191of505“We’re obviously getting a Prince impersonator.”

(That’s the first detail Chip and Karyn told us about their wedding.)

“I think we’re going to rent the Olympic Sculpture park… Maybe the whole Seattle coastline. We’re going to invite everyone.”

(That was number two.)

“We’re actually thinking about getting married in Provence during Moveable Feast. We’ll elope!”

(So, plans changed. And then months later —)

“Chip’s daughters just have to be involved! We’re thinking a super tiny wedding in our unfinished condo, and leaping off the boat into Lake Union as our reception.”

To say that Chip and Karyn march to the beat of a different drum is an understatement. It’s more like they took the drum, put some gold sequins on it, and hired a 10 year old Ringo Starr impersonator to recreate 70s disco beats behind them as they strut down 1st Ave.

These two are very, very dear to us.

The amazing thing about these two is that a giant party involving most of Seattle would speak to who they are just as much as the intimate, six person wedding featuring a construction-zone condo and private loft dinner in Pioneer Square that they ended up with. They embrace life in all its extravagances and oddities, in all its intimacy and largess.

So no giant venue, no band, no hundreds of guests to feed… Just their kiddos and us to witness their vows (yeah um WHOAH what an honor). Karyn got ready with Chip’s daughters (they refer to her as “bonus mom”) at Seattle’s historic Rainier Club. A 1940s Rolls Royce drove them in style to their condo in Belltown. Tim officiated the ceremony on the balcony as the girls read poems that they had written. Laura snapped photos. We then piled back into the Rolls for a trip to Pioneer Square, where we had organized a brick loft and a private chef for their first meal as an official family.

The night ended with a baptism of sorts, a family leap off their boat into a frozen Lake Union, holding hands with a yawp to the disappearing sunset.

I don’t think we can say this enough: You can do whatever the heck you want for your wedding day. Big, small, extravagant, simple — make your plans — change your plans — it’s your friggin’ day. There are no rules. And if you’re thinking of a small elopement like these two, we’ve got an arsenal of people who can help make it happen for you, and we’re more than ready to help you organize it.

Chip and Karyn — we love you. This day was one of our highlights of the year.

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Thank you, thank you to everyone who made this day happen:

Hair: &Blonde

Makeup: Gaylinyet

Venue: 95 Yesler

Food: Karis Taylor

Floral: Halcyn Floral

Rolls Royce: British Motor Coach



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