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Kristin & Colin // Discovery Park Engagement

Colin was off on a hike when Kristin first realized she was in love with him. It was a dark and stormy… day, so the story goes, and Colin was getting soaked deep in the Enchantments while Kristin looked at the window at the rain and worried herself sick. When he finally got back to civilization, they met up for beers and the normally reserved Kristin couldn’t help herself and blurted out the big ol’ L word.

We like when photoshoots feel like an awesome date. I mean, models are literally PAID to be in front of the camera. It ain’t no cake walk, folks. So instead of feeling like another day at the office, we like to put our couples in situations they like — such as grabbing each other’s tushies (if you’re into that kinda thing). We ask our couples what their perfect Sunday date would be, get some time on the calendar, and then join them to make some magic happen.

For their shoot, on a semi-rainy Seattle day (no reason for worry), we hiked through Discovery Park (Colin is a fellow implant from Chicago and we still can’t believe this legit forest is in the middle of the city) and stopped by Stoup Brewing — the very place Kristin first let slip that she loved this guy. We also established our 100% rate of drinking beers in bomb spots together whenever we meet up (2 for 2, yeahhh).

Kristin & Colin are the sweetest humans– not in a “Oh they’re so sweet. They’re the best!” sense (BORING). They approach this world with a gentleness that is all too often lost. They hold doors open, let others go first, pick up the tab, affirm each other and those around them, and are never shy with a kind word. They are tearing down the Seattle Chill one new friend at a time.

Soon they’re gonna get married and the world is better for it.

Ugh. Instagram captions. What the hell?

I've spent countless moments of my life staring at a blank instagram caption box. Try something - delete it. Put a quote in there - delete it. But I had a secret weapon... I'd just hand the phone to my wife. She's is a witty and wise firestorm of a woman and I love her for it. Apparently, so does instagram. Her irreverent, meandering, and poignant-as-hell captions have created a sense of community in our lives so that everywhere we travel, there’s usually someone willing to show us around (not to mention insta alone has literally put thousands of dollars in our bank account). So I made her sit down and explain what goes through her curly little head whenever her thumbs click away at her phone keyboard. Put your email below for her free guide on how to write insta captions that people actually care about and make the whole process (dare we say it) fun.. -Tim

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Tired of staring at a blank IG caption box? Get Laura's free guide on how to write insta captions that people actually care about and make the whole process (dare we say it) fun.