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I can’t help that I cry at everything.

Usually during weddings, I’m so focused on getting the shot right that I don’t let myself sit still long enough to get weepy (not like my normal life, when I cry with equal unhinged abandon at Microsoft commercials and the old lady across the street getting her mail). Weddings, I can normally tell when the ol’ waterworks are going to happen: 10000% of the time I cry during the father-daughter dance. Sometimes I’ll shed one about a speech that instead of trying to be funny, is just straight up heartfelt.

But some wedding moments just sneak in and nab you right in the heart parts when you least expect it. Enter Kaylan and Nathan. I’m so gaga about just about every detail of their wedding day, I basically sat at my desk for an hour trying to figure out where to even begin talking about how these beauts pulled together one of the most gorgeous weddings we saw last year. The bomb florals cascading over every dang thing, the sunset ceremony overlooking the sparkling Pacific ocean, the casual elegance that she rocked her gown like a magazine cover. But  my favorite moment of the day was one that I usually don’t listen into super closely: ZE VOWS.

At the very end of her vows, Kaylan (unassuming Kaylan, who is so drop dead gorgeous you might be intimidated if she weren’t so blissfully unaware of it) looked up from her little note to look Nathan straight in the eyes, pause for a beat to catch her breath, and say quietly and sincerely, “Thank you for marrying me.”

WHAT! Who says that?! We all focus so much on the big promises we’ll make the other person, the grandiose statements of love that we’ll never be able to live up to in real life, and forget the best part about marrying someone: THEY PICKED YOU BACK. It doesn’t matter how much love you lavish on them if they don’t pick you back, how many pot roasts you make on Sundays if they don’t care to eat them with you. It’s a g-d miracle that any of us end up with someone. “Thank you for marrying me.” Excuse me while I casually slip to the back to handle the snort-cry situation this sentence created over here. I’m tattooing it on my forehead so Tim never forgets.

A vow of gratitude: the only kind that’s worth a damn thing.

Thank you, Kaylan and Nathan, for the genuine reminder of why anyone would do a wedding in the first place.




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