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micaela & billy// seattle engagement

Micaela and Billy met in high school when they snuck (sneaked?) out of the house on a fateful night eight years ago/fell in love/dated all through college/now they’re getting married and we’re the luckiest to be a part of their day, because high school sweethearts who actually work out are like a modern day rare endangered species and I find them fascinating. Like HOW do you survive dating through your awkward years and still want to marry each other? That is love, people!

Anyway these two bebs came over to our house, tromped around the yard, cavorted around Alki, froze their tushes off and let us force tequila on them despite their better angels. We think they’re tops.


PS. Does anyone else have that thing where they are just so damn endeared to things that are a little off-kilter? Like, since I was a little kid I’ve beelined for the warped looking MnMs or funny-shaped apples because I feel like they need a little extra loving attention (yes I’m aware they’re inanimate objects just stay with me) ANYWAY it definitely translates into pets now that I’m an adult, like show me the runt of the litter or the one with a lazy eye and I’m like I’LL TAKE TWO. This extra long tangent is to say that Micaela and Billy had my heart from one of the first sentences she ever wrote us, telling us about her cat with EIGHT EXTRA TOES. She has a soft spot for extra-philangied animals and ones that are, shall we say, quirky, and if there is anything more lovable than that I’d love to hear about it. Also she taught us the word “polydactyl” so put that in your pipe.

Ugh. Instagram captions. What the hell?

I've spent countless moments of my life staring at a blank instagram caption box. Try something - delete it. Put a quote in there - delete it. But I had a secret weapon... I'd just hand the phone to my wife. She's is a witty and wise firestorm of a woman and I love her for it. Apparently, so does instagram. Her irreverent, meandering, and poignant-as-hell captions have created a sense of community in our lives so that everywhere we travel, there’s usually someone willing to show us around (not to mention insta alone has literally put thousands of dollars in our bank account). So I made her sit down and explain what goes through her curly little head whenever her thumbs click away at her phone keyboard. Put your email below for her free guide on how to write insta captions that people actually care about and make the whole process (dare we say it) fun.. -Tim

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Tired of staring at a blank IG caption box? Get Laura's free guide on how to write insta captions that people actually care about and make the whole process (dare we say it) fun.