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elisha & dane// austin wedding

2017-06-29_0001.jpgWandering into the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center is stepping into the modern day ruins of old Texas: all sandy stone and climbing ivy and agave plants, a place to return to again and again as you find new paths and new plants defying the odds; growing sturdily in the Texas heat.

New paths every time you show up. Kind of like… being married.

Elisha wanted to look like a Spanish queen as she married her long time love Dane, and she wanted it to be in a place that they could return to for the rest of their lives. These sweethearts have been together for so long that a wedding almost feels like an unnecessary formality; they’re so committed and in sync and loving and dog-parenting (hi Oscar!) as it was. But as Dane said his vows with a quivery voice and firm conviction, I was reminded that a wedding, once you decide to do it, is never an unnecessary formality. It’s a fresh start to an established promise and damn it’s beautiful, when you do it thoughtfully.

We felt like we wandered into a dream as soon as we set foot on this sprawling Austin property, and every dinner party that isn’t under twinkling lights and the broad Texas sky will now feel like it’s just missing something. Elisha and Dane, thank you for letting us be a part of your fiesta— to many happy years of wandering together amidst the Wildflower Center cacti.

2017-06-29_0014.jpg 2017-06-29_0015.jpg2017-06-29_0016.jpg

2017-06-29_0027.jpg 2017-06-29_0028.jpg

Dress// Ines di Santo
Venue// Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, ATX



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