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oriane & chris// chicago engagement

Muggy evenings in Chicago.

Cold drinks in the dining room.

A love story that keeps unfolding to us as we learn about how Oriane (this beautiful, ethereal creature) and her gentle fiance Chris (the kind-eyed man who will do whatever it takes to make her happy) aren’t just the dreamy couple with the gorgeous condo they’ve put blood sweat and tears into– their relationship has deepened in the last few years in ways neither of them expected.

When we delivered this dreamy little home engagement session, Oriane’s response (which she was gracious enough to let me share below) stopped me in my dang tracks. And reminded me that beauty (especially on your wedding day, or when you’re getting photos taken) is so much more than having a great blowout and perfect skin. It’s the result of a deep awareness of the power love has to heal. It’s probably terribly cliche to say this, but joy is the best makeup. Oriane has it in spades.2017-07-17_0001.jpg2017-07-17_0002.jpg

“Where to start.
I had quite a bit of anxiety before we met and waiting for these photos…
I hadn’t shared this with you both previously, but roughly 2 years ago, I had a pretty major horseback riding accident. After 20+ years on a horse, I fractured the left majority of side of my face, resulting in some pretty major scars, and some serious reconstructive surgery. I had some incredible plastic surgeons who were able to piece me back together, but needless to say, I do look pretty different. It’s been a weird couple of years adjusting “to the new me” and I’ve had some insecurities about the way that looks.
Admittedly, this was part of the reason I insisted on taking engagement photos in the first place.
Before opening these photos I was so nervous I actually paused to brace myself. I was so deeply concerned I was going to see the dreaded “accident face” in every photo!
But, fortunately, I don’t feel like that at all looking at these. I look at these and see simply a very happy gal engaged to the love of her life –who stuck through all the shit mentioned above, btw—and damn, isn’t he an insanely handsome guy!
I can’t really begin to express to you both what a special thing it is you do for people, and I’m just so happy Chris and I got to share a little bit of your magic.”



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