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alana & max// from thailand to whidbey island// engagement

2017-09-19_0024.jpgTwo years ago when we dropped it all and left for Thailand, Alana was waiting for us on the other side of the flights with street food and arms flung wide open. She’s lived in Chiang Mai, the darling lil gem of the north, for half a decade now, and the sois and secret spots are her specialty. We spent the next six months racing scooters and jumping into waterfalls in the mornings and working at cafes and building a business in the afternoons– all the while feeling freer than we ever had. Once she gave up her bed and slept under her staircase so we could have a comfy spot. She let us be friends with all of her friends. We shared Leo beers and Burmese salads and ideas, and when we left Chiang Mai it was awful to leave Asia, but worse to leave her behind.

2017-09-19_0001.jpgIt only makes sense that now Alana is marrying Max, the sweetest man Thailand has ever created, and we were so pumped to take them on our favorite day trip through Whidbey Island (I mean… if it’s someone’s first time in America, is there a better place to start than the PNW?). I packed up a couple of my favorite dresses and forced an engagement shoot on them while we were at it because YOLO, and bam 12 hours later some of my favorite images evahhhh are all ours. Look at these dreamboats and tell me we don’t have the hottest frands who should just model already.

2017-09-19_0003.jpgPS I made a lil list down there at the bottom of our favorite Whidbey Island haunts in case your friends visit you and you want to impress them with a tried and true day trip, ya welcome!


Dress #1: Free People
Dress #2: Reformation (my bridesmaid dress from Marlo’s wedding!)

Our dream Whidbey Island day trip:
1) Music for the Eyes (start with this quirky and sprawling spot whose owners have traveled all over the world and collected an insaaaaane amount of rugs and necklaces and goods from Africa to Mongolia. It defies logic. Just go look at it.)
2) Useless Bay Coffee (I mean their sandwiches guys, their sandies. Also it’s important to caffeinate on a road trip).
3) Edit Whidbey (we want to live here. The most perfectly curated shop of art and linen dresses and wool hats and bomb candles and champagne glasses, plus amazing owners.)
4) Fort Casey State Park (cement barracks that are literally our dream shoot locale but also you can see whales if you’re into that kind of thing, which I am, though I’ve never seen one, but I digress.)
5) Jan McGregor Antiques (where we got our Japanese tansus, our most prized possessions.)
6) Tobey’s Tavern (where the waitress will be snarky and it’d be really weird if they were any other way. Perky servers are a dime a dozen– get to Tobey’s, get some sass from your bartender, order the mussels and a beer and watch the waitresses roll their eyes at demanding and keyed up tourists. Welcome to our favorite date spot, a weird dive bar in the middle of nowhere, so into it.)
7) If you’re reallllly made of time spend the night at the Captain Whidbey Lodge. Dreamy.
8) Hit Deception Pass at sunset (see photos above if you need more convincing).

Peace n love, bebes.

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