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At a wedding recently, we had a DJ call us over say that if we wanted to take the couple out for sunset photos, we had a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes — he needed the couple back in the room by 7:30 so they could start the bouquet toss, which would lead to the garter toss at 7:40, followed by a best man speech at 7:45, and then a song from all of the brides’ college friends at 7:50 (he had already talked to the groomsman about not going over, so don’t worry about it, the DJ told us). If he had time, he’d do a “dollar dance” to get the guests involved. “The dance floor needs to start by 8:00 pm because I’m only here until 10.” he told us and there were enough songs on his “must play” list to last two hours.

Sounds fun? I mean… ehhh. Maybe? Yes, the events of a wedding day keep the night moving along and keep guests entertained. What I see far too often though is a wedding day owning a couple instead of the couple owning a day.

Adrienne and Eric owned the ish out of their day. I mean… Eric was almost late to walk his soon-to-be wife down the aisle (that’s right, they walked their own dang selves down the aisle) because he was pausing to meditate for a moment to get his mind right. He wanted to be totally present and undistracted when he said his vows.

It’s not that Adrienne and Eric are against tradition– far from it. It’s just that they wanted everything they did on their big day to speak to them, where they’ve come from, and where they’re headed as a duo. Their wedding took place at Bohemian Studios, the yoga studio they co-own and operate which they transformed into a boho dream land. It featured a canoe ride to their first look, group meditations, a hugging reception line, hip-hop inspired vows, a private tequila session, a dance party sans curfew, choreography to make MJ proud, and the one thing I think is missing from most weddings: the bride and groom got up, told their story of how they met and fell in love, and asked the community to hold them accountable to their relationship and their many audacious future dreams.

In the five years we’ve known these two, we’ve known them as yoga teachers, sommeliers, nutritionists, designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, team builders, business owners, and oui oui, friends. These two chase dreams, learn new skills, broaden horizons, live deep, and suck the marrow out of each moment. They serve as reminders that your wedding, just like yo’ dang life, is yours to live… Write the story you want to write.


Guys, look at that tie knot. No idea how he did it but you gotta love that even his knot defies convention.


Venue: Bohemian Studios

Florist: Smashing Petals

Makeup: Gaylinyet

Hair: Gabriela Bifulco-Clark

Dress: Reformation

Catering: Omar Cruz 

Officiant: Em Boardway

DJ: Maria McDonald



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