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marina & matt// seattle courthouse elopement

marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(130of193)_seattle wedding.jpgWe’re a broken record about a few things, but nothing more than how often we tell our couples to CHILL. OUT.  Everything will come together for your wedding if they just focus on what’s most important to them and let everything else work itself out.

Enter Marina and Matt: they emailed us a few weeks before their in-town elopement, wondering if we could pop on down to the courthouse and shoot their wedding? With a whirlwind job change to London coming up, these loves needed to get married stat. Hell yes we’d be there.

Marina found her Vera Wang gown a few days before the wedding at a second hand shop, and it happened to fit her perfectly, no big deal. We bopped down to the courthouse, got them married off on the rooftop, and took an hour to run around downtown Seattle before meeting back up with their families at Radiator Whiskey in Pike Place Market—the scene of their very first date. I mean come on, this is basically the dream wedding, and it all came together like a snap.

These two are the best example I have when we tell people that everything will work out and not to put any more stress on your wedding than you have to. The important thing is that you’re going to end the day married to your person—what else could really matter?

marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(3of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(36of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(46of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(54of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(112of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(108of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(129of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(134of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(143of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(151of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(155of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(167of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(185of193)_seattle wedding.jpg
The exact spot they were sitting for their first date. It’s called poetry, people.
marina-matt-sullivan-and-sullivan(171of193)_seattle wedding.jpg

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