We’re what happens when two strangers //a Pacific Northwesterner with rainclouds in her curls and a Chicagoan with Great Lakes water in his veins// strike up a multi-continental conversation about photography. Many moons ago, Tim was planted in Paris, drinking too much champagne, being dramatic and dark because WWH(emingway)D… and translating Garance Doré into English in his spare time. Meanwhile, Laura was hitching rides on barely functional buses through South America, drinking too much cheap local beer, surfing and laughing with her best friend… and obsessing over Garance’s blog in whatever dirty hostels had an internet connection. Online messages about photography turned into emails about travel turned into snail mail (on our 1940s typewriters) about life. 

And then somehow it happened that we fell in love, stopped dating long distance, and got married in a tiny hacienda in Mexico. We owe our relationship to photography, and we’ve been dreaming of ways to tell the world’s great stories together ever since. 

Yeah, yours is definitely one of the great ones. We can’t wait to meet you.



When it comes to new ideas, some people say “no thanks.” Some say “maybe later.” And some people’s eyes light up and they say, “Yes… AND how about this? Or this?” And next thing you know… these new ideas have a life of their own and you’ve created something amazing together.
The ampersand doesn’t just connect us to each other, it’s the foundation of our entire approach to life. If you’re a “yes, and” kind of person, we’re pretty sure we’re gonna get along just fine.