“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.” -Henry Ford One of our mentorship clients laid some realness down on us the other day: “Every time I raise my prices, I feel guilty.” WHOAHHH, if that isn’t something to write about in your […]

It all started with Jordyn and Cameron planning their dream wedding in Italy… but right before we all bought tickets, they realized they could have everything they wanted right in the heart of Seattle (thanks to the Corson Building, which is like stepping off the street in Georgetown to a magic fairyland of old European […]

Sweet, sweet aunt Hilda. She always means so well: has the butterscotch candies stocked and is ready to teach you needlepoint whenever you ask. But you tell her you’re running a business, and suddenly she becomes an expert on how you should do it– and FYI you’re doing it wrong. Your prices are too high. […]

A couple who love hip-hop, Hennessy, and the Huskies, who take the time to personally drop off gifts at your house two days after their wedding, who got married at the Fremont Foundry (a cement dream and one of our favorite Seattle venues), and who make sure to include a run for Dicks burgers at […]

Our friend Tyson is trying to get the acronym DTF to replace the “outdated” phrase “down to clown” because clowns are gross. Example: Me: You guys wanna grab a burger? Tyson: I’m DTF! So by Tyson’s definition, I’m DTF for most things except for one: karaoke. No. I’ll be damned if I have to listen […]

When they were dating, Sonia traveled many miles to visit Chris in Africa. She knew it was real love when he woke up in the dark, long before dawn, and boiled gallon after gallon of water so she could have a hot shower (from a bucket, which he held over her head) when she woke […]

Day Two, ya beautiful babies, let’s get this dream team MARRIED! Saturday started at the Sikh Gurdwara in Palatine for Sonia and Chris’ gorgeous Anand Karaj (side note, the vibe in a Sikh Gurdwara is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever experienced and we were really sad to leave). After a quick clothes […]

It’s not that I’ve been putting off blogging Sonia and Chris’ insane three day Indian wedding in Chicago, I just have SO MUCH TO SAY that I’ve been– ok wait yes I have been putting it off– in favor of trading dog photos with Sonia, texting the bridesmaids about how much I love them, making […]

Ladies. Listen- we need to talk about something I hear in our mentoring sessions all the time: “I want to charge for my work, but I feel like I’m asking too much. Like I’m being too aggressive. Like it’s bitchy to ask for more money.” These are women who are killing their game, have clients, […]

HEY, here’s a good idea: if you just bought a house, and you haaaaappen to be driving by it on your wedding day, why not do your couples’ portraits in your still-unfurnished dining room? All we need is a window– let’s just chill at your house for a second before heading back out. Carissa and […]

What’s it like to put on your favorite sweater? That kind of comfort doesn’t just happen… It takes time. Your brand can feel the same to your customers if you keep it consistent, cohesive, and compelling. The feel of your brand is absolutely pivotal for a trustworthy and sustainable business. But how do you get […]

Lots of weed. Lots of love. A groom whose tattooed skull might intimidate you, until you spent thirty seconds with his sweet soul (and saw him cry in gratitude for his new wife– over and over– their whole wedding day). A tight knit family who pulled us into their bear hug the second we showed […]

You know how we all love Beyonce to an unhealthy degree? (Don’t even try to debate this in the comments, I see you! People who say they don’t like her are fundamentally lying to themselves, I believe this deep in my soul). I think about Beyonce’s customer service a lottttttt: there’s a clear and direct […]

Listen, friends. If real fashion is the ability to combine high/low, and we have no greater examples of this in our modern midst than Barry and Lindsay and we owe them a debt of gratitude. The most stylish duo we know– when they emailed us to come down to our fave venue Prospect House in […]

Durham, North Carolina: Bull City. We broke into an old tobacco factory with the amazing souls Ryan and Cassandra to escape the rain on their wedding day and ended up with some of our favorite images ever, including one of Cassandra that somehow made the cover of Rangefinder Magazine and made our year (was this […]

I got a DM last week from a friend telling me he’s starting a new business and wants to know where to get a logo and some business cards (“and like, probably a cool 30 second video with some drone footage or something”, he added). Let me start by saying: I get it. Visualizing how […]

Bros, listen. If you have a wedding tradition where you and your dudes rip the groom’s tux shirt off, take your own shirts off and scream-sing “Wagon Wheel” in an emotional circle before drinking beers out of your shoes, obviously we’re interested in being there (even though having that much sweat flung onto me is […]

Steph and Seth hopped off a plane from Vegas for their engagement photos– looking like THIS?! Airplanes make me look like a deceased squirrel and somehow Steph serves up some casual Angelina leg like a freaking champ. We met this babe in the sweltering Arizona desert at Ramble, the Wayfarers workshop we taught at in […]

Last New Years Eve, New York City had the second lowest temperature in recorded history: 11 degrees not counting wind chill, and holy shit what even is life. But did that stop Kara and Paul from dashing out to the icy waterfront in Battery Park or braving the wind tunnels of the tip of Manhattan […]

“We had a deal that we’d trade photos for lawn mowing, but he didn’t mow my lawn. How do I tell him nicely that photos are cancelled?” (THIS IS A REAL QUESTION WE HEARD RECENTLY. WHAT. THE. FUCK.)
 Laaaaaadiesssss. Sweet angels. Sit down. We need to talk. Why is it, that whenever we get all […]

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