Oh, this old thing? It’s just a five minute photoshoot with Sarah and Tyson, in between our annual Bastille Day traditions of overeating French food and singing the Marsellaise too loudly after a bottle or two of wine. These guys are the most inspiring humans we’ve ever met. If I could bottle up their exhales […]

“Anyone who can leave the Yucatán with indifference has never been an artist and will never be a scholar.” -Claude-Joseph Désiré Charnay, 1863 We were deep inland in the Yucatàn exploring the Spanish colonial streets of Mérida when we were ushered through a back alley, past an outdoor grill filled with smoking chili peppers, through a velvet […]

Ahh, the dulcet tones of the sound of your own voice… yikes. Last autumn, as we were scoping out the Yucatan peninsula for this year’s Moveable Feast, we had the amazing good fortune of appearing on a podcast that is EXACTLY our cup of tequila. The Half Hour Intern (run by our insatiably curious hero Blake Fletcher) […]

When we first dreamed up the idea for Moveable Feast, we KNEW that we had to launch in the south of France. Ah, the olive branches! The patina! The laid back and artistically vibrant history! And most importantly, the chocolate croissants. The hunt began for the right castle (that’s a normal thing to do on […]

“And everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid. They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made.” -Lin-Manuel Miranda Happy New Year, friends. The day after the election, the thought of putting on pants seemed like a Herculean task. “What? Go outside? Where there are people? No […]

Years back, I worked at a yoga studio that brought on a team to help with social media. Their Facebook feed was quickly populated with inspirational quotes like “If you can dream it, you can do it!” They’d always have some photo of a forest or a mountain or an equally idyllic scene. Case in […]

“There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”
– Diana Vreeland

Bonjour, Monday! Team Moveable Feast spent the past weekend making difficult decisions like whether or not Petanque and Pastis deserve their own afternoon (spoiler alert: of course they do). We escaped to a cabin on a small lake in Michigan to plot like little wicked masterminds of your travel experience. Things like which local vineyard we’re going […]

“We’re all just walking each other home.” -Ram Dass Saturday night’s Orlando attacks are the stuff of nightmares. A vulnerable community, attacked in the very space they were meant to feel safe. It tears at our very vision of society to know that things like this are possible. It is no easy thing to talk […]

Today’s post is brought to you by our lovely retreat designer Sarah, whose day job is being flown around the globe in search of the prettiest things this world has to offer. From rare museum quality artifacts in a monastery in Tibet to old wine barrels from a Patagonian vineyard, if there’s something beautiful to be found, Sarah is ready to […]

In our humble opinions, travel is barely worth it without the fulcrum of food on which to rotate. How else do you organize your days, plan your countries, learn about a culture? Our chef Johnny has gathered experience in countries all over the world and wants to introduce you to a phrase that I only learned how […]

So there I was, overheating from confusion in a Parisian bakery, a thin sheet of glass the only thing standing between me and the crumbly rows of the world’s best pastries. By some fortunate stroke of luck, Tim had a work project in France the month before we got married. Although it wasn’t strictly necessary for […]

There’s no reason Laura and I should’ve survived January 14th, 2016. We were three hours deep into a ten hour bus ride through the mountains of the northern Philippines when the driver decided he wanted to get there a little faster than usual. So he doubled the speed limit. Now, “bus” is a very generous term […]

I first visited the south of France when I was 18 and I could tell right away that Provence knew something I didn’t. When the train from Paris pulled into the station, I tossed my pack on my back and wandered off to a sleepy Sunday afternoon in the seaside town of Cassis. Sundays, especially back […]

This guy know his way around a kitchen. Gird your mouth parts. We first crossed paths with ol’ Johnny at the tail end of a long motorcycle day through the mountains of northern Thailand. We were exhausted, lost and starving, having only found the farm we were staying at in the nick of time—right as the […]

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