Any yahoo off the street can say they're in business, put a basic website up, and cross their fingers someone will hire them. But what if you launch a business and all you hear is crickets? Or instead of hiring you on the spot, clients are ghosting you time and again. How do you make the deep adjustments to your copywriting and brand so your ideal client doesn't bat an eye at your prices? Don't let your brand stagnate... 

Get confident in your language and everything else will follow.

A one day workshop to level up your game.

Use these tested, step-by-step techniques to clarify your brand, write your website, and get your shit together (so you can focus on the reason you started your business in the first place).




9am - 7pm

Seattle - Pioneer Square

Whenever we sit down with our mentorship clients to discuss their websites and brands, we always hear the same things...

“Whenever someone says they went to my website I’m pretty horrified. I haven’t updated that thing in YEARS but I don’t know where to start.”

“I don’t know where to go to get some tough love about my business.”

“I send off my pricing page and all I hear is CRICKETS.”

“Everyone keeps telling me about my 'ideal client.' How do I figure out who my ideal client is?”

“Where do I even start? I’m so overwhelmed.”

We've worked with mentees all over the world, diving deep into their business models, sales numbers, client care, and yes, website copy- and we’ve learned that the success of your business comes down to having a clear brand voice and using it well. We also see that nearly everyone has their own false narratives they tell themselves about writing and branding. Stories like:

OH THE STRUGGLE. You sit down to write your website copy and stare at a blank page for a few hours. So you go to the website for someone you know is killing it and pretty much copy/paste their About page and change a few things so you aren’t plagiarizing them word for word. The last time you had to sit down and write something was a term paper in college and it was about as fun as pulling teeth out with a string and a door (trigger warning?). 
I'm just not a good writer. I quit.

I've never been good with words.

As a biz owner, you've already got a million things on your plate. When are you supposed to sit down and actually rewrite your whole website? Yeah, maybe it's outdated, but you've got newer stuff on instagram and that's all anyone really cares about… right? The entire thing just sounds so overwhelming. Let's put it off for another five years. (Meanwhile… you’re losing clients because of tweaks you could make in a single weekend)

I don't have enough time to sit down and do it.

I don’t want to be a used car salesman. Gross. We all have the same image in our head when we picture a "salesman" and for some reason, he usually has a thick NYC accent and a couple gold chains. Don't you have to be super pushy to be a salesperson? What if you're not outgoing? How do you figure out what to say and what your brand is all about? Becky from high school joined that pyramid scheme and is SO ANNOYING on social media. I don't want to be Becky. I’ll just run my business quietly.

Selling = skeezy

What comes first? Do we need to go to school for copywriting? I know, I'll just click around on other websites and get some ideas. Maybe I'll just tweak my instagram grid. I hear squarespace is good? What the hell, I’ll just order some impulse buys off Amazon and call it a day. 

I don't know where to start.

My inbox is full of people asking for money. Everyone has their slick pitch, but how do I know what's right for me? Where's the proof any of this actually works? I want to invest in my business wisely, but don't know where to turn.

I don't know who to trust to help me.

The thing is, all of these false stories are totally valid. They can be a good way for us to protect ourselves from failure and disappointment. Yet more often than not, they lead toward one thing: STAGNATION. Your business slows and you don’t know how to use your own voice to pick it back up. Fear takes over and none of the work you know you need to do gets done. The last thing any of us want is to look back 20 years from now and realize we've been in the same place the whole time. We've got a better plan for you.

Oh shit, we forgot to introduce ourselves! We’re Tim and Laura Sullivan. In 2015, we decided to leave our jobs and start a photography business as complete newbs— and quickly turned our biz into a vehicle to not only employ ourselves 100%, but to express our voice in a noisy world, serve our clients well, and create the art we dreamed of creating. In 2016 we launched our second business, Moveable Feast Retreats, and have sold out annual luxury retreats all over the world every year since. Did all of this momentum happen because we were the very best at photography or travel guiding? SURE DIDN’T. No matter what industry any of us are in, there will ALWAYS be someone “better” than us (spoiler alert: that ain’t the most important thing). We learned lots of lessons the hard way, and quickly understood that our vision, brand voice, and copywriting— from IG to our website to every email that leaves our office— could stand out from the crowd and let us serve our clients even more effectively. We want the same for you. No matter what level you’re starting from, there is room in the market for YOU TO THRIVE. But it doesn’t just happen, and we’re ready to share how it will.



There has to be a word for the half-laugh, half-cringe I feel when I remember our early days in business. Not only was our name terrible (yes-- we started out as Lightworks360, and I’m humiliated even telling you that), but my emails were mechanical, dry, and nothing like my real voice. Our website sounded like every other website because we didn’t know how to differentiate ourselves. And worst of all, I constantly asked myself “are we allowed to say this in a professional email? Is this Instagram caption appropriate? How do I speak to clients we’ve never met before?” In short, the early days were a frustrating exercise in being tongue-tied and stuck. 

Not to mention our website. We went through endless iterations and were never happy (it actually became a real point of contention between us, The Notebook style. Tim: “What do you want?” Me: “It’s not that simple!” Tim: “BUT WHAT DO YOU WANT?” You get the idea). And worse, while we knew we needed to level our game up so our business could thrive, we didn’t even know where to begin. 

We were right in the thick of where you might be, if you’re working on your brand voice and website: the sheer volume of shit to do was overwhelming, and we weren’t sure where to start. I felt like an imposter-- who was I to confidently tell clients I could help them? I was tongue-tied writing emails that reflected the brand I wanted to create and still provided solid info for future clients, I didn’t know how to get stuff done and still sound like a real human on the other end of an email address, and worst of all? I couldn’t figure out how to get the hell out of my own way.

UNTIL. We stopped paying attention to what everyone else was doing and spent focused time to examine who WE were. We dove deep into our ideal brand, the psychology of our clients and really listening to what they were telling us, and honed our copywriting so it began to speak directly to them. We came out on the other side with a brand new website that was EXACTLY what we had been dreaming of, but also, we had gone from feeling shaky about our brand voice to 100% confident that we were on the right track.

The craziest thing? We emerged from the cave of hard lessons, blinked in the sun a few times, and clients started rolling in that exact same week. The floodgates had opened, and a stellar brand voice (and website) became the first clue that we were professionals who could kill the game for them. And you deserve the same. Don’t wait until you reach a mysterious next level to make the changes you know you need (you won’t feel ready then, either.) Do it now-- the world is waiting for you.

There’s a light at the end of this overwhelming tunnel, and a world where YOU are the one handling shit in your own authentic words, welcoming clients to a party that only YOU can host, and establishing a brand voice that lets you focus on doing the real work you want to do without letting your website hinder you. There’s a brave, successful badass in you, waiting to be given a voice and let confidence take the place of fear. Shall we let that badass take the wheel? 

We got you. A one day intensive to bring your brand voice and copy to life-- so by Monday morning, you can stop telling people to not look at your website, feel confident with every email you send out, and welcome clients to your party with deep confidence. The easy part is starting a business. The hard part is figuring out how to make your clients say “I can’t imagine hiring anyone else!”

Because that’s why you started this whole thing in the first place, right?

Am I allowed to say this?



Yes, you can say that.
Yes, you can do that.
Yes, your future is yours to create.

we see you...
your sleeves are rolled up.
there's a glint in your eye.

let us show you how to get this done.

This is YOUR playground. You make the rules.

It’s the exact course we wish we would have had when we first started: 

So, what is it?

a no bullshit, brass tacks dive into finding the right words for YOUR business to take off.

How to treat your clients like gold and increase your bookings while you’re at it 

How to use what your clients DON’T say to develop your business plan

How to own your brand voice confidently

How to write an About page that your clients actually care about (no more “I love ice cream and Netflix!” because just kill us now if we all keep saying that)

How to write info PDFs and sales pages that actually help your clients and don’t waste your time

How to avoid sounding like a corporate stiff over email and make potential clients thrilled to work with you

The basics that every website needs-- and how to not waste your time on shit it doesn’t

How to respond to upset clients and still keep your cool

How to sell your work-- not your soul

We’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on education since we started our businesses, and suffered through LOTS of trial and error in finding our own voice. We’ve culled the best things we’ve learned about branding and a personal voice, building a website that jumps out to clients, and a workflow that puts you in the driver’s seat-- and condensed all our copywriting wisdom into one jam-packed day of leveling up. You could cobble together a bunch of online courses, spend countless hours coming up with a game plan in the solitude of your own office-- or dedicate one weekend to getting serious alongside fellow business owners who are ready for more.

None of us have time for slow-moving, fluff courses that only serve to boost the workshop leaders’ egos, and we definitely don’t have time to waste when it comes to owning our brand. Ditch the stuff that doesn’t work and focus on what does. We’re ready for you— but more importantly, your future clients are waiting.

We’ll see you there.

I've been struggling defining what I offer and to whom I offer it. There's so much advice out there on what to do and how to do it. I didn't know whom to trust.


I AM A DIEHARD FAN AND CHEERLEADER AND TO GET FEEDBACK FROM BOTH OF YOU HAS BEEN BOTH INTIMIDATING AND FREAKING AMAZING. I've been floating a bit ever since… my brain is buzzing at the possibilities. Having some time to work through my thoughts and processes gave me such clarity - it was basically talk therapy for my brain and my biz. You're like the dream team of creative counselors! So thank you AGAIN for encouraging and inspiring me and also reminding me that this is my playground.





(¼ the price of our mentorships, with just as much copywriting realness. Hell yes.)


9am - 7pm

Seattle - Pioneer Square

...and just because we want you there -- first 5 people to sign up get $100 off. So get on it!


and honestly you guys should get paid more. Seriously.

- Jessica - Los angeles


Dang it. You are just too good.

Waiting for you to start your own school.



You’re kinda like those kids from Captain Planet: 

when your powers combine, you’re unstoppable. Except there isn’t a creepy blue dude and other people with rings. But, you get it though, right?”



God damn you guys just BLEW ME AWAY

Obsessed is an understatement. I'm so glad my intuition about your incredible work and your energy was ON POINT.



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