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Previously Uphill Designs, Luto Vhum owners Dan & Mal were moving from a sturdy backpacker client base into a more high-end, international traveler target, and needed a brand update to match. Their designs and offerings were growing to include personal styling and vintage wardrobe curation, as well as leather goods design and construction. We had been doing their quarterly branding photography, but as they grew into an upmarket international brand voice in 2021, we dove deeper to help them reach the next level.

Starting with a custom photoshoot in Paris, which became the baseline for the new brand, we created a new logo, font system and color palette to speak more directly to their new target market. The new brand echoes Parisian art deco philosophy, includes a rich timeless palette that mimics the tones of their capsule wardrobes, and weaves their honest, down to earth brand voice into a cohesive vision. We wanted their genuine, playful love for the product to shine through, while still honing a brand that spoke to their vision of how they want the world to upgrade their clothing and accessories game. 

It’s a challenging time to be in retail, let alone small business retail that avoids big-box corporate vibes in favor of intentional, slowly curated wardrobes. But Dan and Mal are staying true to their vision of how they want to beautify the world, one wardrobe at a time.


Seattle, WA
Leather goods and clothing curators


“I’m truly blown away. I was keeping my expectations in check, but this feels like the culmination of a direction we’ve been working towards. We were so pumped to have your vision, creativity, and energy!”