brand strategy

As the Tea Embassy moved from a physical space to a permanent home on the world wide web, their challenge was creating a cohesive understanding amongst their current and future clients about what each imported tea had to offer– without a physical salesperson explaining it all in real time. We art directed and designed a custom shoot that spoke to the cultural and geographic roots of each of their product lines, paying special attention to the origins and customs involved in each tea. The result was a cohesive, unique visual branding set that tied their online shop together and created brand recognition throughout their platforms. 

The energy and pride the Tea Embassy team takes in each of their offerings still needed to be clear as they moved to an online-order only platform. We created a consistent, evergreen set of images that not only clarified the offering but spoke to a more dreamy life that they brought with them– and upgraded their online visual presence in the process.


Austin, TX
Fine tea purveyors


“I'm blown away by the way you have made the (products) come alive with so much soul.”