Rae came to us near the end of her branding process– she needed imagery for what was already a cohesive brand and web strategy that gave us the goosebumps. Her energy, gentleness, and vision for her brand was inspiring– she is an ever present reminder that deep rest is as important as hard work. We felt a bit like she was making magic out of her own two hands– and after several conversations about her vision for the final product, landed on some universal magic with the stars between her fingers. This was a two-shoot series encompassing multiple aspects of her brand, and we still feel thrilled about the final collaboration.

Rae’s challenge was uniting a cohesive vision for her existing branding strategy and her photographic final product. This project speaks to the value of thorough communication and having your deep why in place– and trusting the teamwork of a final product.


Leavenworth, WA
Mindfulness and Meditation Educators


Working with Tim and Laura, you’ll feel completely seen and understood and celebrated. The photos are beyond perfect and gave me goosebumps when I saw them in the first draft of the website design. GAH STILL SO IN LOVE. There are lots of photographers out there, but very few that are true creatives and amazing humans like Tim and Laura. Nothing is average, they create an experience for you to step into, and your photos aren’t just photos, but a cohesive work of art.