Here are some awards we’ve won and places we’ve been featured. But we’re not really interested in the cool kids club— our biggest priority (and reason we started S&S in the first place) is finding bomb couples we connect deeply with and who want to create amazing things together. We wanna take care of ya, it’s pretty simple. 


You don’t normally spend a ton of time with your vendors on your wedding day.

Except, of course, your photographers. (Hi!)

We’ve got two main goals when it comes to working with couples.

• UNO:  Take bomb photos.

• DOS:   If we can make your life easier, we will.

It gives us cold sweats when photographers think that snapping the shutter is the end of their job. If we’re going to create something awesome together, it means so much more than taking your deposit and showing up the morning of the wedding. We’d much rather drink wine with you, hear your favorite dirty jokes, learn about your priorities, and get to know you in a “I can’t believe we weren’t friends sooner” kind of way. 

On your wedding day, we’re in it together, boo. So we better get along, don’t you think? A wedding guest once said to the bride and groom, “Wait, they’re the photographers? We thought they were just part of the best friend crew.” We want to be an organic part of this whole process, so when you get your images back, you think “hot damn. That’s so US.”

Also, we might have missed our calling as wedding planners, because we are REALLY into making your day work well. You’ve probably never organized a wedding before, and the last thing you want to do is spend your day worrying about logistics. You've done enough of that already, and we got you boo. From guiding your plan for group photos to making sure there’s time to whisk you away for sunset portraits, we’ll help you pull your schedule together well ahead of time so that when the time comes to get married, you can focus on enjoying the day. We’ll hold your hand (ummm, figuratively, don’t make this weird) all the way through your engagement. In short, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a freaking good time on your wedding day, because if all this isn’t fun…

Then why bother?





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