Our friend Tyson is trying to get the acronym DTF to replace the “outdated” phrase “down to clown” because clowns are gross. Example: Me: You guys wanna grab a burger? Tyson: I’m DTF! So by Tyson’s definition, I’m DTF for most things except for one: karaoke. No. I’ll be damned if I have to listen […]

When Laura and I were first falling in love, we’d run outside every day at dusk and spin around in the street. It was the sort of activity perfect for those in the throes of new love: frivolous, unsustainable, and utterly radiant. There was something about the light when the sun had just dipped below […]

Our systems were fried as we crammed ourselves into the back of a plane after another stint in New York City. NYCnever ceases to give us a burst of inspiration and then at the end, after the absolute sensory overload of the city, we crash. And then our seatmate arrived. Surprise! It was a dear friend […]

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Ugh. Instagram captions. What the hell?

I've spent countless moments of my life staring at a blank instagram caption box. Try something - delete it. Put a quote in there - delete it. But I had a secret weapon... I'd just hand the phone to my wife. She's is a witty and wise firestorm of a woman and I love her for it. Apparently, so does instagram. Her irreverent, meandering, and poignant-as-hell captions have created a sense of community in our lives so that everywhere we travel, there’s usually someone willing to show us around (not to mention insta alone has literally put thousands of dollars in our bank account). So I made her sit down and explain what goes through her curly little head whenever her thumbs click away at her phone keyboard. Put your email below for her free guide on how to write insta captions that people actually care about.

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